• Do you wholesale?

Please email us at gchoneybees@gmail.com!

  • Do you make wedding favours? Gift baskets?

Yes, we make custom favours and we can do gift baskets! Please email us with inquiries.

  • Do you have a store front?

We do not, but our products are available for pickup at our warehouse in Smeaton or at any of our wonderful stockists around SK and AB.



  • Why is it separating?

Most, if not all, flavoured honey made with raw, unpasteurized honey will eventually separate. It's completely normal! Just open your lid, give it a good mix and it's good as new! If you're not using your honey often, store it in the fridge or freezer to keep it "fresh" longer.


  • Does honey go bad? How should I store it?

    Honey doesn't go "bad" - but raw, unpasteurized honey can start to ferment if the sugar/bacteria ratios are just right. To stop any fermentation - store your honey in the fridge (or freezer if you won't be using it for a while) and this will stop the process!

    Storing your honey in the fridge or freezer preserves the nutrients and anti-bacterial properties. If you're not going through your jars quickly, store it this way!


    • How can I use your flavoured honey?

    More ways than you'd think! You can add it to anything you'd like, but here are a few ideas


    - Coffee, tea, and drinks

    - On toast, yogurt, and ice cream, in oats and granola.

    - In baking and cooking.


    - Marinades, rubs, and dips.

    - In sandwiches, cooking, and recipes, with charcuterie.

     Our classic Creamed Honey (and Healing Blends) can also be used in all the ways above! Honey is a great substitute for refined sugar in baking/cooking recipes as well!